Become a member of Wayfay, open your WiFi or 4G network to advertisers and start making money. Customers will get free ad-sponsored data and advertisers will deliver content tailored to your customers' interests.

Professional, people-powered translation in one click

Provide your customers with a free ad-sponsored WiFi or 4G. 

More and more, organizations, stores, municipalities, public buildings and even neighborhoods are implementing Wi-Fi hotspots to make connectivity as seamless as traditional 3G/4G networks. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a restaurant, car service or a shopping mall with thousands of visitors, your customers expect free WiFi at your premises. 

Wayfay’s cloud-based analytics, advertising and monetization platform provides you with new and unique business opportunities. 

Create a new media space for advertisers and earn money.

The user is welcomed with a branded splash page and guided to the internet. You can enable authentication through the Social media or simple Click-Through login for super easy access. Thanks to Pay-Thru feature you can offer premium access to your customers. Ads are displayed on the second screen.

Choose the variant you prefer:

1. Social Media authentication

2. Click-Through login

Fully branded user experience

1. Social Media authentication      2. Click-Through login

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